Porzio Life Sciences provides Aggregate Spend Regulatory Compliance software solutions for Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Biotech companies comply with Affordable Care Act and Sunshine Act.
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Products & Services

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Products & Services

Marketing & Sales Compliance Solutions and Services

Companies must comply with state and federal compliance obligations, especially physician payment sunshine provisions, which require appropriate aggregate spend tracking measures.  

Porzio Life Sciences offers compliance services and products to help companies comply with federal and state regulations, including PDMA, anti-kickback statutes, False Claims Act, FDA and OIG regulations.

Porzio Compliance Digest

Porzio Compliance DigestPorzio Compliance Digest is a compendium of real-time databases of government enforcement actions and inspections, as well as statutes, regulations and pending legislation concerning:

  • distribution of drug samples, prescription devices and over-the-counter products
  • sampling authority of mid-level practitioners
  • marketing disclosures and limitations
  • theft/loss reporting

Distribution Licensing
Distribution Licensing by Porzio Life SciencesDistribution Licensing guide manufacturers and distributors through distribution license process for trade product and drug and device samples, including required licenses and prerequisites for each, and filing applications in a timely manner.
  • complete applications for initial state distribution licenses
  • renew distribution licenses and manage process through the calendar year
  • modify licenses based on change of ownership, location, etc.

Porzio AggregateSpendIDSM

Porzio Aggregate Spend ID

Porzio Aggregate SpendID® provides Internet-based tracking of spend and samples related to healthcare providers.  
By monitoring promotional activities, Porzio AggregateSpendID® alerts companies when expenses approach or exceed government and company thresholds.

Porzio GST™, Provider Management Simplified.  Porzio GST provides an easy-to-use, configurable interface that enables companies to capture and manage data elements necessary for meeting their reporting obligations in ex-US countries, including Europe, Japan and Australia.
PorzioLS has an experienced commercial leadership team providing Product Development and Commercialization (PD&C) business consulting services, specializing in large and small molecules, medical devices, biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics.


Porzio Compliance Modules (PCMs)

Porzio Compiance Modules
Porzio Compliance Modules offer customizable
“at-a-glance” information on:
  • marketing disclosures physician sampling of legend drugs and controlled substances
  • alternatives to sampling
  • mid-level sampling
  • wholesale and manufacturer distribution
  • pedigree requirements

Porzio Significant Loss Threshold Assurance      

Porzio Significant Loss Threshold Assurance

Significant Loss Threshold Assurance is a formula-based approach to sample accountability for your entire product portfolio.  


Other Services - Porzio, Bromberg & Newman P.C.

Porzio Other Services include consultative services to help companies comply with state and federal laws targeting marketing and sales practices. 


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